On Demand Courier is the on-call delivery service provider for all medical industries in the Phoenix-area. Expect nothing less than the best and we’ll take it to the limit for you. With uniformed, professional, and courteous drivers who are licensed, bonded and insured, you and your patients can trust that our couriers will get your deliveries to their destinations promptly and safely.

On Demand Courier is a fast and reliable Phoenix-based same-day courier service, specializing in the safe, secure delivery of:

  • Lab samples
  • Lab results
  • Patient records
  • X-rays
  • Veterinarian services

Phoenix-area medical labs, doctor’s offices, and veterinarians can rest assured that their deliveries will be made quickly, timely, and on demand.

Transporting Biological Materials

Serving as a medical courier is different from typical same-day package delivery services by dint of what we are delivering. Transporting blood or other lab samples is a bit more delicate than, say, legal documents that need to get across Phoenix quickly. In the sense that time is of the essence, both scenarios are similar. However, when it comes to blood and other biological samples, there is also the concern about proper handling to make sure materials arrive safely, and in the best condition.

We Understand Lab Sample Transportation

Medical specimen deliveries can be more complicated for a few reasons. First and foremost, it is incredibly important to make sure that the specimens are not compromised in any way — which can mean providing delivery specifications like temperature control and specialty transportation containers, not just a timely delivery. Of course, expedient lab delivery is especially important when biological materials are involved, so that the samples are not damaged in the time it takes to go from your clinic/practice/hospital to the lab for testing.

Here at On Demand Courier, we are trained and experienced in providing professional medical deliveries. We are HIPAA compliant, bloodborne pathogen trained, and experienced in transporting biohazardous materials. We provide same-day specimen deliveries to and from labs to ensure that any materials can be transported across Phoenix as safely and swiftly as possible.

Transporting Private Medical Documents

Just as we transport lab samples safely, we put that same level of care into transporting any medical documents, like patient records or x-rays, as securely as possible. Whether lab results are needed across town for a consult or patient records are needed quickly to provide the best level of care, we are here to help. Contact the On Demand team for secure, same-day medical courier services to get those private documents where they are needed most.

Not Just Human-Focused Medicine

Our medical courier services are not limited to medical practices that provide human care; we also provide medical and lab courier services for veterinary medical offices. If you need to get samples to a lab for testing, or if you need to have supplies delivered quickly, we can help! We will provide the same fast delivery times and careful handling for your veterinary specimens that we do for any other medical delivery job.

Phoenix-area Medical companies large and small can rest assured that their deliveries will be made fast, on time, and on demand.

Why Medical Courier Services?

When you need lab specimens transported quickly, or patient records delivered securely, there is an added element of security that most businesses do not face. We help you save time and money to get the transportation services you need. Usually, a hospital would have to absorb the expenses necessary to maintain a fleet and train drivers in HIPAA-compliant and bloodborne-pathogen safe medical transport. We are already experienced couriers with a fleet of vehicles; we make sure our team is trained to handle medical courier needs to save you the time, expense, and hassle.

We know medical needs do not always fit in a tidy 9-to-5 schedule. Call us anytime for safe, professional medical courier services across Phoenix!


  • Convenient ordering and tracking
  • Instant email order confirmations
  • Immediate signature confirmation
  • Professional, courteous drivers
  • Packages insured at no additional cost
  • After hours, weekend and holiday deliveries available
  • Proactive, transparent customer service

Call 602-667- 6222 or click the link to schedule a pickup or to speak with our office about our competitive rates, as well as discounts for volume and repeat pickups. Our courier service stands ready to serve at your demand.