On Demand Courier not only delivers superior courier service, but outstanding rates as well. We scour the market, ensuring we always give our customers in the Phoenix-area the best value.

If you would like an immediate quote on a delivery or have questions about setting up an account, please contact us at 602-667-6222.


On Demand Courier delivers savings. Not only are our rates the most competitive in the Valley, we also offer discounts and customized packages that provide even greater savings for our customer’s volume or multiple monthly deliveries, as well as discounts for our repeat customers.

Give us a call for more information! We are always happy to work out a plan that works for you and the courier needs of your business.


Weight – If a package weighs over 25 pounds, a $2 charge for each 25 pounds will apply.

Mileage – If your delivery is outside of our large delivery area, an additional charge will apply.

After Hours, Weekend or Holiday – After hours, weekend and holiday deliveries are available by pre-arrangement only and an additional charge will apply. Please call for details on your specific need.

As any Phoenix, Arizona driver knows, traffic after 3 p.m. does increase and construction adds to commute time. Please allow a slight buffer for deliveries dropping after this time or in high construction areas. Our staff is more than willing to advise when delays may occur.


If you are looking for a courier service in Phoenix that you can rely on to get your package not only where you need it, but get it there on time, On Demand is your number one choice. Our Top Rated Local® same day courier service has the proper security and certifications to handle priority packages, documents, forms, checks, and other important items. Wondering if we are certified to handle the packages you need delivered? Read more about the industries we serve in the Phoenix-area on our Who We Serve page or contact us! Still not convinced? Read client reviews on our Testimonials page. Find out more about our rates and sign up with us today!