Secure Same-Day Delivery for Prescriptions

Picking up a prescription is such a little thing, yet for many, it can be a big annoyance — or even a hardship. For someone with a trusty, working vehicle and a bit of wiggle room in their schedule, swinging by to drop off and fill a prescription probably does not seem like a big deal. On the flip side, someone who has mobility issues or doesn’t always have access to a working car, it can be a lot harder to make it to their local pharmacy during working hours. 


Local delivery services are especially helpful during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Offering prescription delivery is a great way to give our community a safe way to stay at home while still receiving important medications and other necessities. Our drivers all follow safe practices to do our part to limit the spread of the disease. We are also HIPAA compliant and experienced in handling medical documents, lab samples, and other sensitive cargo, so you can trust your customers’ prescriptions will arrive safely.  


Our local delivery services are designed to be impressively flexible to better fit our customers’ needs. Whether you need 1-hour delivery or packages delivered each morning, our local courier services can be customized to fit your schedule and budget. Connect with our Phoenix-area team to learn more about our flexible, secure same-day delivery services and help your customers get the medications they need without leaving home!