As coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeps across the globe, it has been creating waves of panic as it travels. It’s not the first pandemic our world has seen, but it’s the first one with such swift and wide-reaching impacts that we’ve seen in decades. On one hand, the advent of the Internet has made it easier than ever for most industries to send their employees home to weather the storm safely and still get work done. On the other hand, there are still enough positions and industries that need to physically show up to get work done. 

In these wild and unprecedented times, On Demand Courier is here to help people across the Phoenix-Scottsdale area abide by the call for increased social distancing and still get work done. Here’s what we can help with: 


Cutting Down on Contact

If we as a community want the coronavirus to dissipate quickly, social distancing is paramount. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, this helps protect the elderly and the immunocompromised from accidental exposure. And yes, that means staying home as much as possible. On Demand Courier is here to help you further cut down on potential exposure — especially if your household has someone immunocompromised. We are happy to provide delivery services across the Phoenix-Scottsdale area so you can minimize contact and still take care of your loved ones. If a family member across town runs out of toilet paper, we can deliver some of your spare stash, or hand off a care package for your friend with a stir-crazy toddler. Just arrange for pickup and we will get it to its destination. And to help with the social distancing, we can arrange to leave the package on their doorstep and knock rather than have direct contact with the recipient. 


Keeping Your Life Running

It probably feels like life has come to a screeching stop in many ways. Well, our delivery service is here to help you keep going, as much as it’s safe to do so. If you need documents couriered to keep business operations going, let us handle the deliveries so you can stay home. Similarly, if you need goods delivered, we offer last-mile delivery so you don’t have to wait at the busy shipping hub. Just connect with our courier team for fast, local delivery service. 


Smaller Team, Fewer Vectors

We’ve touched on this already, but the more people stay home, the more we’re all protected. We rely on a small, local team for all of our delivery services. This means we pose fewer illness vectors than those big-name delivery services. It also means we can provide our employees with plenty of care, so we can keep our team and you as protected as possible. 


Here at On Demand Courier, we want to help our community stay safe and weather the coronavirus as quickly as possible. If you need same-day or scheduled delivery service across the Phoenix-Scottsdale metro area, call today to see how we can help keep you and your family safer through the coronavirus outbreak.