In days long ago, pretty much anyone who needed a message or parcel delivered from point A to point B would be a candidate for courier services. Whether we are talking about homing pigeons or the pony express, utilizing a postal or courier service of some kind was essential for long-distance communication. Fast-forward to the modern era, and the scene has significantly changed. With the dawn of the internet, communication is at our fingertips. In fact, it’s not absurd to assume you’re probably reading this on a tablet or smartphone. So too has the landscape changed for courier companies. Our niche has dramatically closed in scope, and with that change comes the need for us to get our selected demographic what they need and when they want it.

At On Demand Courier of Phoenix, we have customized courier services with competitive rates and same-day courier service.

In today’s post we will take a look at a few of our most popular industries we service. Keep reading if you are interested in what we have to offer your specific vertical!

Title & Mortgage Company Courier Service

We are the courier company of choice for a host of real estate agents, mortgage, and title companies in the greater Phoenix area. Should you need the safe and secure handling and delivery of deeds of trust, earnest money, loan documentation, inter-office mail and supplies, or some other important paperwork, we’ve got you covered.

Law Firm Courier Service

We utilize the industry’s most advanced software to dispatch and track all packages. We are able to monitor each parcel’s status while they are en route for an added layer of security. We offer 1-hour, 2-hour, and 4-hour delivery times from Monday through Friday. Whether your documentation involves deeds, wills, writs, confidential documents, courtroom displays, courthouse filings, or something else we don’t need to know about, we ask you to put our word to the test and experience the On Demand difference.

Accounting Courier Service

Need to securely and swiftly send tax information, audits, W-2s, 1-9s, or payroll documents? We at On Demand Courier are the Phoenix area’s choice for express courier service for some reasons that we’ve already listed, but also some we’ve yet to get to. We offer immediate signature confirmation, courteous drivers, package insurance at no additional cost, and proactive, transparent customer service. If you are looking for customized accounting and financing courier service, reach out to us at On Demand Courier.

Medical Courier Services

A few of the more common requests in the medical field have to do with lab results, x-rays, veterinary services, patient records, and the like. Whether you represent a doctor’s office a veterinarian, or a medical lab, we offer professional courier service drivers who are licensed, bonded, and insured. When you go with On Demand Courier, that’s just one less part of your day-to-day that you have to worry about!

Financial Courier Services

Financial institutions come to us to handle branch pick-ups and deliveries, tender exchange, investment documents, check deposits, payment deposits, and financial transaction documents. Brokers, banks, and investment companies choose us because of our efficiency, value, and our presiding reliability in the Phoenix area.

Education Courier Services

We’ve been serving all sorts of educational facilities and organizations in the greater Phoenix area. From universities to schools to other institutions, we can help out with transcripts, student records, mail runs, financial documents, supply delivery, and even long-term storage of necessary documents. With convenient ordering and tracking, in addition to instant email order confirmations, you’ll never be out of touch with your documents – even while they are in transit.

Manufacturing & Distribution Courier Services

Since 1999, we’ve been providing businesses and residents of Phoenix and beyond with exceptionally fast and secure express courier services. When it comes to dispatch and delivery of manufacturing and distribution companies, frequent cargo includes contract delivery, financial records, mail runs, interoffice documents, and even parts delivery. Check out our courier rates for more information!

Construction & Engineering Courier Service

When it comes to engineering and construction delivery service, all of our qualities we’ve described above remain intact. Common reasons people enlist our local courier company include the safe delivery of contracts, office supplies, construction materials, construction equipment, 3D models, and blueprints.

Local Business Courier Services

Express courier service has a name in Phoenix, and that name is On Demand Courier. If you are looking for an express or an overnight courier who offers the best rates around, consider us. We can handle boxes, packages, small envelopes, large envelopes, legal documents, bank deposits, office supplies, and HR documents. The long and short of it is that we know the area, love serving our community, and are here when you need us.

Private Courier Service For Individual

Even if you don’t represent a business, we can still provide you with the parcel delivery service you require. Like we’ve mentioned above, we can handle a wide array of delivery types. Even if you haven’t seen what you are looking for mentioned above, there’s a safe bet we can still take care of you. We are the best courier company around for good reason. Remember, while most other courier providers are national or global, we’ve been dedicated to serving the Valley of the Sun since 1999. Every delivery makes a positive or negative impact. If the above reasons weren’t enough to convince you perhaps that last one will. Reach out to us today!