If you’ve read some of our blogs here at On Demand Courier, you know that we have a heavy emphasis on the terms efficiency and dependability — and for good reason! You work hard to get your company on its feet and running, so why would you want to work with a courier company that is only going to set you back? In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a specific industry, the lab and medical companies, to see how crucial reliable courier services are for them. The point of this isn’t to undermine the importance of courier services in other industries, but to take a look at some specific instances where a courier company could be hugely beneficial to these companies in particular.

Specialized Care

How many times have you ordered something online, only for it to arrive in very poor condition? From the moment it reaches the doorstep, you can tell that the package itself wasn’t treated with very much care, and once you actually open the package, you find that the actual product itself, unfortunately, suffered a similar fate. It’s tempting to think that distribution facilities will take care to package their products adequately enough to sustain some wear and tear on the way to its destination, but too often this is not the case.

And sometimes, even with adequate packaging, parcels are often treated poorly on the way to their destination, especially during the holiday season when delivery drivers are often overwhelmed by work and aren’t held accountable for the condition of the products they deliver. Any complaints that customers have about the condition of their product are usually directed to the higher ups and oftentimes don’t ever get resolved.

One of the major differences between a major parcel delivery company and a local courier service company is the way accountability is treated. With large, nation-wide delivery companies, you may have a terrible experience and never get the issue resolved due to poor customer service. In some cases, it may be so difficult to report a damaged package that it’s not even worth the effort for many people. Since these companies are so large and serve the entirety of the United States, they’re not going to worry too much if they lose a customer or two along the way.

On the other hand, with local courier companies like On Demand Courier, the accountability lies on everyone in the company. There’s no room for mistakes in scheduling, tracking, or quality and timeliness of delivery. What this means is that when you schedule a delivery with On Demand Courier, you’ll be getting a driver that is looking out for your best interesting, not someone who’s rushing to meet unrealistic deadlines while leaving the customer service up to someone else in the company. Every one of our drivers is held accountable for their work and that will show through the individualized care you receive from us!

When you think about this kind of specialized attention in relation to the lab and medical fields, it’s not hard to see the benefits of hiring a local courier company. If you need lab samples, lab results, patient records, x-rays, veterinarian supplies, or anything else related to medicine and medical care delivered, you’ll benefit most from a local courier company like On Demand Courier because we work closely with you to understand the fragility of each item and any specific conditions that need to be met to ensure it gets where it needs to be, when you need it to be there. Since each package is delivered within an hour or several hours of when it was picked up, there is no struggle to figure out where the accountability lies. When you hire a major corporation like UPS or USPS, your parcel has ample opportunity to become damaged, whether it’s at the post office, sorting facility, or during delivery.

With a local courier service, you’re not only getting a driver who is more specialized in taking care of your valuables, but there is little room for error since your product won’t be transferred between vehicles and facilities so much. We also have experience working with a variety of industries, so if you’re ever in doubt that we won’t be able to transfer your valuable or fragile object, give us a call and we’ll work something out.


Another crucial aspect to lab and medical deliveries is timeliness. Most people will come to us in need of timely deliveries, and that’s why we emphasize our same-day delivery services. However, when it comes to medical or lab materials, this aspect is even more important. Whether you’re delivering fragile lab samples across town or time-sensitive documents or medication to a patient, you need things to be where they need to be, exactly when you need them there.

One reason many courier companies aren’t able to keep up with the demands of their clients is due to a lack of organization. Some companies simply don’t have a good enough system in place to either accommodate the amount of clients they have or the high demands that they have. At On Demand Courier, we strive to eliminate these inefficiencies and truly provide each one of our clients with specialized and reliable care, each and every time. That means you’ll never get pushed back on our schedule and your package will always be delivered on time, every time.

Timeliness isn’t just important for you though, it’s important for your patients and any facility that you’re delivering to. We understand that you won’t be able to continue on with your day until you have the documents or medical supplies that you need and the same applies to anyone you’re working with. We are the middleman when it comes to the efficient operation of your business, and we’re proud to take on that challenge every day to support local businesses.

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