Whether you’re using a courier service for personal or business purposes, navigating holiday shipping can be a mess. You know you want your package to arrive on time, but you may feel like there’s nothing that can be done. However, that’s not completely true. This week’s On Demand Courier blog is here to provide you with some important tips that will help you ensure your package arrives safely and in plenty of time for its deadline. 

On Demand Courier is a courier service in Scottsdale-Phoenix that offers professional, fast, and secure delivery for your packages. We serve businesses, including accounting firms, law firms, title and mortgage companies, and more, as well as individuals. We offer a variety of degrees of services as well, including same-day shipping, 1-hour “on-demand” service, 4-hour service, and more! Read this week’s blog post and reach out to us to schedule your holiday delivery service in Scottsdale-Phoenix today! We can help you figure out which courier service is right for you. 

Keep Track of Deadlines and Rates

No matter what courier service you choose, knowing the correct deadlines before the holidays is a must if you want your package to arrive on time. We recommend making a list of important deadlines that you can refer back to when determining when you need to ship each item. While this doesn’t guarantee that your package will make it on time, it definitely increases your chances. 

If you’re choosing a same-day or expedited service, it’s also important to be aware of the rates. Be sure to get things ready in plenty of time to avoid paying extra unnecessarily. You can view our On Demand Courier rates here. 

Pack It Right the First Time

When shipping larger or more fragile items, be sure you pack them correctly right off the bat to avoid any additional delays. Start by double-checking the rules for the courier service you’re using. They may have certain restrictions on what can be shipped, so save yourself a headache and do your research ahead of time. 

You should also choose a box that’s sturdy enough to hold your items and is a few inches larger than your gift on all sides. It’s best to choose a newer box to avoid the bottom falling out unexpectedly. 

Be sure you invest in some good packing materials as well. We suggest using cushioning materials that are made of polyethylene or polyurethane that can withstand a decent amount of impact. You don’t want to pack super heavy material, as that can increase your rates, but you also want to make sure that each item is completely protected. 

Avoid using materials such as newspapers for primary protection, as it can flatten easily, although it’s great to use for separating two items within a box. 

Be Prepared for Delays 

While you definitely want to avoid delays, it’s sometimes inevitable around the holidays. The COVID-19 pandemic has also added an extra layer of complication for courier companies, so be sure you get your package out in plenty of time in case it happens to get delayed. Don’t wait until the last possible second, or your package will likely be late. 

Consider Insurance 

While courier companies aim to take great care when transporting each customers’ packages, unexpected things can happen. We recommend looking into insurance for your package if you’re sending important or pricey items. Ask your courier service about the insurance options they have available. 

Trust On Demand Courier for Your Delivery Service Needs

This holiday will likely look different than most. Rather than in-person gatherings, we’ll be sharing cocktails and watching each other open presents over Zoom. That also means that there will be an increase in shipping this season. But just because so many other people are shipping items, it doesn’t mean your package’s delivery becomes any less important. If you’re preparing to ship items for professional or personal purposes this month, choose On Demand Courier as your delivery service in Phoenix-Scottsdale. 

We offer a wide range of courier services that will help you ensure your package arrives at its destination safely and on time. To learn more about our services or to schedule a pickup, reach out to our professionals in Phoenix-Scottsdale today!